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About Us
Year of Establishment 1965 (UG)
1977 (PG)
Strength of Faculty 11
Faculty with Ph.D. 07
Faculty with M.Phil. 01
Faculty with NET / SET 05
Name of Faculty
  1. Dr. Zodage S. B.
  2. Dr. Patil A. S.
  3. Dr. Khade A. S.
  4. Mr. Mane-Deshmukh R. S.
  5. Dr. Nalawade D. B.
  6. Mr. Deshmukh H. L.
  7. Mr. Karande S. V.
  8. Mr. Nimase A. G.
  9. Dr. Pore A. V.
  10. Mr. Kolekar S. V.
  11. Mr. Sanap H. S.
Student Strength (B.A. I to M.A. II) B. A. I – 524
B. A. II – 142
B. A. III – 89
M. A./ M.Sc. I – 44
M. A. / M. Sc. II – 31
P. G. Diploma – 24
Total - 854


    1. To acquire geographical knowledge and skills in different branches of Geography.
    2. To create awareness among the students about environmental issues.
    3. To promote the use of new technology in geography.
    4. To motivate the students for field study and research work in the subject.
    5. To offer practical training to the students and make the skilled man power.
3 Extension Services offered by the Department / Faculty Department Faculty

1. Soil and Water Testing
2. GPS Surveying
3. Land Surveying

4. Digital Mapping
5. Environmental awareness and Protection Programmes
6. Expert Lectures

Yoga / Meditation by Retired Faculty
4 Courses (Regular) Title of the Paper
B. A. I
1. Geomorphology (Paper I, Sem. I)
2. Climatology (Paper II, Sem. II)
B. A. II
1. Soil Geography (Paper III, Sem. III)
2. Human Geography (Paper IV, Sem. III)

3. Oceanography (Paper V, Sem. IV)
4. Agricultural Geography (Paper VI, Sem. IV)
Cartography Paper I & II, Sem. III & IV 
1. Physical Geography of India (Paper VII, Sem. V)
2. Economic Geography (Paper VIII, Sem. V)
3. Research Methodology (Paper IX, Sem. V)
4. Economic Geography of India (Paper X, Sem. VI)
5. Urban Geography (Paper XI, Sem. VI)
6. Political Geography (Paper XII, Sem. VI)
7. Map work and Map reading (PP I, Annual)
8. Advanced Techniques and Field Work (PP II, Annual)
M. A. / M.Sc. I

Semester - I
1. GCT-101: Principles of Geomorphology
2. GCT-102: Principles of Climatology
3. GCT-103: Economic Geography
4. GCT-104: Geography of Population and Development

5. GCP-101: Landforms Analysis & Surveying 
6. GCP-102: Analysis of Climatic Data

 Semester - II
1. GCT-205: Advanced Geomorphology
2. GCT-206: Applied Climatology
3. GCT-207: Geography of India
4. GCT-208: Social and Cultural Geography
5. GCP-203: Statistical Techniques in Geography
6. GCP-204: Analysis of Socio-Economic Data

M. A. / M.Sc.II

Semester - III
1. GCT-309: Regional Planning and Development
2. GCT-310: Fundamentals and Applications of Remote Sensing
3. GOT-302: Geography of Tourism
4. GOT-303: Surveying, Cartography & GIS

5. GCP-305: Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and GIS
6. GCP-306: Quantitative Techniques & Computer Applications in Geography

Semester - IV
1. GCT-411: Development of Geographical Thought
2. GCT-412: Geohydrology & Oceanography
3. GOT-405: Agricultural Geography
4. GOT-407: Biogeography

5. GCP-407: Research Methodology and Study Tour Report Writing
6. GCP-408: Project

Courses (Other than regular)
Title Self-financing / Under CPE etc.
P.G. Diploma in Digital Cartography (PGDDC) Under Innovative Programme of UGC (XIIth Plan)
Global Positioning System (GPS) Under Career Oriented Courses (COC) of UGC (XIth Plan)
Land Surveying (LS) Under Career Oriented Courses (COC) of UGC (XIIth Plan)
Digital Mapping (DM) Under CPE Scheme of UGC (XIth & XIIth Plan)
Soil and Water Analysis (SWA) Under CPE Scheme of UGC (XIth & XIIth Plan)
Agro Tourism Self funded
6 Results (2016-17) B. A. -

     M. A.

7 Research Guidance M.Phil. Ph.D.
    Registered Awarded Registered Awarded
  03 06 07 08
8 No. of publications Journal Proceeding Other
State 02 50
National 21
International 70
University --
9 Books Published With ISBN Without ISBN
    05 -
10 Seminar / Conference / Workshop organized by Deptartment

Title of Seminar/Workshop



Funding Agency

Workshop on Revised Syllabus of B. A. III, Practical Paper I & II

28/08/ 2012



Workshop on Revised Syllabus of M.A./M.Sc.

21/09/ 2013



National Seminar on Research Frontier in Geography

13 & 14 /02/ 2015



Workshop on Revised Syllabus of B. A. III, Practical Paper I & II

20 /08/ 2015



Workshop on Land Record & Land Surveying




Workshop on Soil and Water Analysis




Award / Achievements
Department Faculty

University Rankers
1. Mr. Abhijit More (B.A.)– Second in General Merit list of University (2011-12)
2. Ms. Megha Mali (M.A.) – First in General Merit list of University (2012-13)
3. Mr. Gurudev Phalake (B.A.) – Second in General Merit list of University (2012-13)
4. Ms. Sayali More (B.A.) – Second in General Merit list of University (2013-14)
5. Ms.  Sayyad Shabnam (B.A.) – Nineth in General Merit list of University (2013-14)
6. Ms. Snehal Chavan (B.A.) – Third in General Merit list of University (2014-15)
7. Ms. Gayatri Pawar (B.A.) – Second in General Merit list of University (2015-16)

Mr. A. S. Khade  -  Ph.D.
Mr. S. V. Karande - Ph.D.
Dr. S. B. Zodage - Outreach Programme Centre Co-ordiantor, IIRS, ISRO, Dehradun

  Research Projects Major Minor Funding Agency
05 (Completed)
Founder: Padmabhushan Dr.Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil     Established: 1947 
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