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About Us
Year of Establishment 1947
Strength of Faculty 05
Faculty 05
Faculty with Ph.D. 02
Faculty with M.Phil. 01
Faculty with NET / SET 04
Name of Faculty 1 Dr. S.M. Bhosale
2 Dr. Anil Wavare
3 Mr. Ipper
4 Mr. Nileshkumar Gurav
5 Mr. K. G. Sutar
Student Strength (B.A. I to M.A. II) 566


Enhance the quality in teaching-learning and research to achieve excellence in the subject Economics.




Study of Geographical phenomena at global, national, regional and local level.




To train the students in the discipline for dissemination of advanced knowledge to the society.




To acquire geographical knowledge and skills in different branches of Geography.

  • To create awareness among the students about environmental issues.
  • To promote the use of new technology in geography.
  • To motivate the students for field study and research work in the subject.
  • To offer practical training to the students and make the skilled man power.
3 Extension Services offered by the Department / Faculty Department Faculty
Departmental Library Departmental Library
SET/NET Guidance
IBPS Banking Exam Guidance
MPSC Exam Guidance
4 Courses (Regular) Title of the Paper
  B. A. I Economics Paper No.  I Indian Economy - Part I
Economics Paper No. II Indian Economy - Part II
  B. A. II Economics Paper No. III Macro Economics -I
Economics Paper No. IV Banks & Financial Institutions - I
Economics Paper No. V Macro Economics -I
Economics Paper No. VI Banks & Financial Institutions – I
IDS Paper- I Principles & Practice of Co-operation-I
IDS Paper - II Principles & Practice of Co-operation-II
  B. A. III Economics Paper No. VII Economics Of Development And Planning (Part -I)
Economics Paper No. VIII Research Methodology In Economics (Part -I)
Economics Paper No. IX History Of Economic Thought (Part -I)
Economics Paper No. X(B) Banks And Financial Markets (Part – I)
Economics Paper No. XI(B) Tax And Tax Consultancy (Part -I)
Economics Paper No. XII Economics Of Development And Planning (Part -II)
Economics Paper No. XIII Research Methodology In Economics (Part – II)
Economics Paper No. XIV History Of Economic Thought (Part – II)
Economics Paper No. XV(B) Banks And Financial Markets (Part – II)
Economics Paper No. XVI (B) Tax And Tax Consultancy (Part – II)
  M. A. I Ec-1 (Compulsory Paper) Micro Economic Analysis
Ec – 2: (Compulsory Paper) Monetary Economics
Eo – 1 (Elective Paper) Agricultural Economics
Eo – 4 (Elective Paper) Principles And Practice Of Co-Operation
Ec – 3 (Compulsory Paper) Public Economics
Ec – 4 (Compulsory Paper) Ecological And Resource Economics
Paper Eo-8 (Elective Paper) Agricultural Development In India
Eo – 12 (Elective Paper) Financial Markets And Institutions
  M. A. II

Ec -5 (Compulsory Paper) Application Of Quantitative Techniques To Economic Analysis

Ec – 6 (Compulsory Paper) Macro Economic Analysis
Eo – 16 (Elective Paper) Indian Public Finance
Eo – 17 (Elective Paper) Economics Of Transport And Communication
Ec-7 (Compulsory Paper) International Economics
Ec – 8 (Compulsory Paper) Economics Of Growth And Development
Eo – 22 (Elective Paper) Co-Operative Thoughts And Administration
Eo – 27 (Elective Paper) Welfare Economics

5 Courses (Other than regular) Title Self-financing / Under CPE etc.
1 Banking & Finance
2 Agri-Business Management
6 Results (2013-14) B. A. 100% M. A. 92.10%
7 Research Guidance M.Phil. Ph.D.
    Registered Awarded Registered Awarded
  03 02 08 02
8 No. of publications Journal Proceeding Other
9 Books Published With ISBN Without ISBN
10 Seminar / Conference / Workshop organized by Dept. in the Year 2013-14 1. One Day Workshop on Banking & Finance
2. One Day Workshop on Banking Practices at DCCB
3. One Day Workshop on Agri-Business Management
11 Award / Achievements Department Faculty
  Research Projects Major Minor Funding Agency
Founder: Padmabhushan Dr.Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil     Established: 1947 
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